series 1: follow the Nose

series 2: Heart of the Knight



children 5 - 8, digital cut-out in 3D


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Epic adventure of a piglet with the longest nose ever!

Barney is a dreamer who loves knights’ tales. He lives his joyful life on a small farm below an old castle, surrounded by his siblings. He would be just like every other piglet, if it wasn't for one thing… his loooong nose. Barney’s mean cousin Bruno comes for a visit, starts bullying everyone around and Barney is the first in line to become his primary target.

Fate intervenes to bring Barney a good friend in the form of a smart sparrow called Rascal. Together they set off on the greatest journey of their lives - a quest to find the long-lost Magic Helmet of the legendary knight Sir Henry. They believe that only with the Magic Helmet they can stand up to Bruno. …Or is there something more powerful than the Helmet?


,,I have a big nose! What is your superpower?“



  • pure heart

  • dreamer

  • brave

  • long nose


  • fast

  • bright

  • smart

  • fearless


Barney has got the HERO CODE, never running away from problems, always there to help. Rascal is often quite the opposite.

They complement each other and together they area a TEAM.


Barney the journey

don't forget:

- clean underwear

- a toothbrush

- a shampoo

- my sword

- notebook


Stop making lists! 

Let's gooooo!

our travel goals:

- find the magic helmet

- have a good time

- make new friends

- have a lot of fun!

Barney's journey

and rascal's!!!

this is:


episode 1: sir henry of pigstein

Barney and his siblings live a happy life on a small farm in castle grounds. They spend their days playing games of tournaments in honour of the legendary hero – Sir Henry, Knight of Pigstein and his Magic Helmet.


such a beautiful day!


the supervillain is here!!!!

The peaceful rhythm of the farm life is stirred up by the arrival of Barney’s older cousin, Bruno. However, the excitement quickly fades away .


episode 2: cousin bruno

Bruno proclaims himself the ruler of Pigstein and, with the help of his two henchmen, Brute and Snoot, establishes a new order. He wears a helmet, supposedly the real magic one, which belonged to Sir Henry, uses tricks and ploys to win tournaments and likes to humiliate others. He even makes fun of Barney’s long nose. In an attempt to protect his friends, Barney ends up locked in a dungeon.


not fair!


episode 3: follow your nose

Barney is rescued from the dungeon by his friend, Rascal the sparrow. Together they discover that Bruno is a cheat and his helmet is fake. While running away from Brute and Snoot, they find a map leading to Henry’s real Magic Helmet and Barney yearns for adventure. With the help of his younger sister, Mannie, Barney escapes Brute and Snoot in a chase again and together with Rascal sets off into the world. Only with the help of real Magic Helmet they can stand up to Bruno.


the big adventure awaits!

episode 4: aardvarks


First stop on the map – Africa. The boys accidentally run into a group of aardvarks, Nose-scouts. They learn the scouting Principles of the Nose and head to the mysterious Holeland.


When the expedition gets stuck in a tunnel, Barney digs up not only the group leader Pickaxe but also the long-lost Iron Giant. In return, Pickaxe shows Barney Sire Henry’s coat of arms. It is identical to a sign on the map leading to the Magic Helmet.

I Can't believe we found it!


The train carrying Barney and Rascal stops unexpectedly because a python got stuck under the tracks. Barney gets off to rescue the python. Next to the rail track, a marathon race is underway, its lead runners mysteriously disappearing one by one. There are rumours that the runners are captured by Snatcher, a dreaded demon. Barney and Rascal launch an extensive investigation to reveal who the mysterious Snatcher is and where the missing runners are. While doing that, they also find out the location of another Sir Henry’ coat of arms.


run, Barney, ruuuuun!!


episode 5: Elephant shrews


episode 6: Elephants

Whilst still in Africa, the boys arrive in an area of great drought. They are starving and make a fire to cook some breakfast. Almost instantly, a little volunteer fireman, called Trombone, appears to tell them that making fires is forbidden. Professional firefighters also arrive on the scene and Barney ends up at the firestation. He has to attend a firefighting training as a punishment for illegally starting a fire. It turns out to be very useful. When a real fire breaks out, it is Barney who saves the day. He finds another coat of arms in the firefighters’ museum and helps Trombone become a professional firefighter. A hot-air balloon takes the boys to America.


Go, trombone!

Go, trombone!


episode 7: Coatis

so cool!


In America, the boys stumble upon some circus acrobats. Their show is threatened when the lead acrobat Kosumbo breaks his leg. Training hard, Barney learns the dreaded Flip of the Nose, a dangerous jump that is the highlight of every performance. The boys meet the Grandmaster of Acrobats, who shows them another coat of arms revealing the direction of their next journey.


episode 8: Anteaters

chef barney in da house!

The boys land in the South American rainforest. They meet Pedro, a chef who has mysteriously lost his sense of smell and taste and now can’t cook as well as he used to.


There is another of Sir Henry’s coat of arms in Pedro’s inn and the boys could set off immediately but Barney can’t leave a friend in trouble. Together with Rascal, they find the cause of Pedro’s issues and help him regain his appetite for work.


episode 9: Turtles

Barney rolls out of the basket right in front of the temple of a master of Nose-fu, an ancient martial art. Together with their new friends, turtles Xy, Lo and Phone, the boys embark on a quest to find the master’s lost shell. As they carry out the task set by the master, Barney teaches his three new friends to work as a team. He also discovers a new benefit of having a long nose and, of course, another of Henry’s coats of arms.


yes, master!!


episode 10: tapirs

In India, Barney encounters some serious trouble. Bruno now knows that Barney is searching for the real Magic Helmet and sends his two henchmen, Brute and Snoot, to steal the helmet from him. Barney feels that he’s got the helmet in his grasp, but accidentally smashes a statue of Ganesha and ends up in prison. On top of that, Brute and Snoot steal away his precious map. Fortunately, Barney’s best friend Rascal comes to rescue Barney and directs him to his next destination, the island of Borneo.


hello, friends!


episode 11: rudy


did she just kiss me?!


The boys are thrown off course by a storm and land on the wrong island. They meet an unusual friend, Rudy the guinea-pig. Rudy loves flying, has beautiful artificial wings and wants to become a famous racer like her dad. But her dad won’t let her race. Barney and Rascal practise together with Rudy and help her win a race. Rudy’s dad beams with pride and everyone cheers. Everyone, except for Barney, who seems to have disappeared. It’s up to Rudy and Rascal to find out what happened to him.


episode 12: Monkey King

Long-nosed monkeys kidnapped Barney and took him to the island of Borneo. Initially frightened Barney is seated on a throne, a magic crown is put on his head and he is proclaimed the Monkey King. 

I could get used to this!


It's raining bananas!

Soon, Barney is enjoying himself so much, he doesn’t notice that something is not right on the island. The constant pampering almost makes him forget about his friends and why he left home in the first place. Almost. Barney snaps out of it, helps the monkeys deal with a wicked shaman and put things back in order. Barney then finally heads back home to confront Bruno.


episode 13: Secret of the helmet

Barney realises that Henry’s Magic Helmet is at home, hidden in a secret chamber at Pigstein. When he goes to collect it, Bruno and his henchmen, Brute and Snoot, make a surprise appearance. In order to protect his little sister, Mannie, Barney hands over the helmet to Bruno. However, the secret chamber reveals something else to Barney. Something very important that may help him stand up to Bruno after all, even without the Magic Helmet.